The 4 Ps..

.. are really all that you need to ensure you live a successful and happy life. Our time is short, so why do we neglect it? In the overall span of things, our presence on Earth is moderate. Our presence in this Universe is essentially insignificant. We won’t all have our name written in the stars, but wouldn’t you want to try? To be able to say I did something I’ve always wanted to do? 

Even if you don’t reach your expectations - the only one that can really judge you is yourself. Did you try as hard as you could’ve? Did you put 110% into it? You didn’t get there, but at least you put yourself in the right direction. Slow motion is better than no motion, after all.

All you need is Passion, Positivity, Peace and Patience. Everything happens for a reason. Only you can really hinder yourself. Nothing and no-one can stop you from doing something you’ve always wanted to do. So live life and ensure you never have any regrets. Instead of thinking ‘I wish I did that’, think ‘I AM going to do that’. The rest of the journey will find its way to you, for you.


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